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Hello world, welcome to four corners car talk Web Log. This is the place to share your thoughts and ideas on anything related to the world of automobiles. for two years this month Glenn Gent and Clifton Horace have hosted 4 corners car talk, with over 60 years of experience in the automobile business no subject is out of bounds.  Our logo is “If you are buying a car, selling a car, trading a car. Racing cars, wrecking cars or just trying to fix the darn things give a call at 505-325-5366”  on KENN 1390 am radio every thursday Morning.  We would love to hear from you.

Had a great show today February 19th on the proposed red light camera here in Farmington, even Mayor Bill Standly called in to discuss the subject. Our take is simple,  if the company installing the red light camera has the abiltity to control the duration of the yellow, don’t do it. The company can control its revenue (tickets) simply by shortening the yellow light to catch more motorists. this also has the effect of causing more rear end crashes as driver slam on their brakes in order to not recieve a ticket. Listen to the podcast for more details (coming soon).


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