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March 19th, 2009 Show

March 23, 2009

Clif and Glenn discussed the difficulties in the car business along with the passing of Larry H Miller (great car guyand owner of Utah Jazz basketball team). Your hosts also discussed Bob Cockerham (a Santa Fe KIA dealer) who was heading to Washington DC to testify in front of the Senate about how the Credit markets have drastically effected the automobile business.  After that, in a vain attempt to cheer everybody up Glenn brought up the latest iteration of a flying car. Clif reminded the world that every year since he was 5 years old Popular Mechanics showed a flying car on its front page predicting that “everyone would be driving one in ten years”. Four Corners Car talk is up to 179 listeners and proud of em. “They are giving you a number and taking away your name”. Another point that was made was that imitation is the highest form of compliment. Autonation just copied Hyundai Motor Americas “Assurance” program where they will buy the car back in the event you loose your job, or they will make 3 months payments. Your hosts also learned of a company in or around Dolores Colorado that builds Kit (whoops we are now supposed to call them component cars) google last car refuge or something close to find the website. It was a good show, we’ll be gone next week so we’ll see you in April!

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March 12, 2009 show

March 12, 2009

Had a great show today, everyone seemed to be in a good mood, talked about super repo tow trucks that are so fast and good that even thieves are stealing them so they can steal more cars… Had a surprise visit from Ron Hunt (after we started picking on him) manager of the city of Farmingtons  "Red Apple Express",  talked about the money the city is getting from the stimulus package and which buses he is considering buying. Learned that they have 5 year buses, 10 year buses15 year buses. "Hop on the bus Gus".  Learned that Big Hybrid SUVs are not the way to go (too expensive a way to save gas). Got totally bummed out learning that GM will cancel its 4.5 duramax. Great specs, maybe we can get Nissan to buy the thing, but Nissan is probably too dense to figure out the oportunity. Thanks for listening and make it a great day.

March 5th show

March 10, 2009

Had fun today on the show, Clif and Glenn proved that there minds were not up to the task of guessing what movie crashed what car, fortunately a listener called in to explain how your humble hosts had there wires a “little crossed up”. We are going to include “Doug” on a list of lifelines that we can call when we have no idea what we are talking about.  Lator in the show Glenn explained the top ten things you can do to ruin your car, the biggest pet peeve of ours are people who start their engines and then rev the heck out of them to “clear them out”.  Wrong!  All you are doing is running the engine super hard without any lubrication.  Wait awhile before you rev it, once the lubrication is up in the engine you can wind it up all you want, that’s what they are made for.  Also on a sad note Clif and Glenn celebrated the passing of the great Paul Harvey. We will miss you Mr Harvey “Good Day”.