March 5th show

Had fun today on the show, Clif and Glenn proved that there minds were not up to the task of guessing what movie crashed what car, fortunately a listener called in to explain how your humble hosts had there wires a “little crossed up”. We are going to include “Doug” on a list of lifelines that we can call when we have no idea what we are talking about.  Lator in the show Glenn explained the top ten things you can do to ruin your car, the biggest pet peeve of ours are people who start their engines and then rev the heck out of them to “clear them out”.  Wrong!  All you are doing is running the engine super hard without any lubrication.  Wait awhile before you rev it, once the lubrication is up in the engine you can wind it up all you want, that’s what they are made for.  Also on a sad note Clif and Glenn celebrated the passing of the great Paul Harvey. We will miss you Mr Harvey “Good Day”.


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