April 9th, 2009 Show

Clifton and Glen discussed the irony of FIAT buying Chrysler using 2 billion that they got from a failed deal with GM, and another 10 billion from the US government. Why it’s a crazy world with the Obama administration firing the head of GM and essentially taking ownership of the second largest corporation in the world. Clifton made a prediction and will now be put into writing. His prediction is that the city of Farmington will not, at the end of the day, install red light cameras. Economics from either the red light camera supplier or the city will determine that the proposal will not make enough money to survive (as long as the city does not adjust light timing). Segways, PUMAs, pirates and Cliftons joke about why he was concerned when Obama was out of the country… “Who is running GM when Obama is overseas?” Rounded out the show.

4CCT hour 1

4CCT hour 2


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