May 7th, 2009 Show

Had fun today, talked about cash for clunkers, whoops it’s now Cash for Guzzlers… According to Auto Week;  “The measure, if approved by Congress and signed by President Barrack Obama, would lead to about 1 million new-vehicle purchases.

Customers would get a $3,500 voucher if they trade in a car that gets less than 18 mpg for a new car with mileage of at least 22 mpg. Vouchers of $4,500 would be awarded if the new car gets at least 10 mpg more than the old, the statement said.”   If you want to see if your car will qualify check .

Our thoughts are we should buy every ex government owned squad car and presidential SUV and use them as trades for our customers. This program will really help all dealerships in the US… But at what cost? Is it really a good program (it stimulates the car business, helps the environment and global warming) when we have to borrow the money to pay for it?

We also talked about a new tonneau cover that is out; we cannot vouch for the quality but the idea looks good. You can check it out at . Thanks for listening and enjoy the day.


Hour 1


Hour 2



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