May 14th 2009 Show

Fun show today, talked about an upcoming Corvette rally in Santa Fe put on by some very nice friends of Clifton Horace. The Old Santa Fe trail Corvette club is putting on “Summer in Hyde Park” which is a family orientated Corvette rally with a 1960’s theme. Check it out at  , don’t forget to register if you are going, the Boles want to make sure they have enough red and green chile for everyone. The first part of the show revolved around the stupid warranty robo calls that people are receiving on their phone. Clif and Glenn discussed various ways to stop them and why you should never buy a warranty over the phone (too many ways they can kink the contract). Buy a warranty from someone who can actually fix the car! (Like us at  ). Help may be on the way because Chuck Schumer (Senator) got a robo call in the middle of a Senate Hearing! Pissed him off too. Some great callers, with a short discussion about the red light cameras and why the City of Farmington decided not to install them. Glenn is a communist and wants more taxes to police the streets. The last PSA was for the Sport Car Club Rally coming up this May 15-16-17 at the McGee Park (Sunray Casino) parking lot. Check it out at  or  . Street racing is illegal but SCCA racing is not. It’s fun, fast, competitive and safe (up to a point) so come out this weekend and see what it’s all about. “Make it a great day”

Hour 1


Hour 2



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