May 21st, 2009 Show

Lots of discussion today about the new Obama administration’s fuel economy rules. CAFÉ (corporate average fuel economy) has to average 35 mpg by 2016 instead of 2020. Clif and Glenn intimated that this was going to change what people could buy. This mandate will force people into buying more fuel efficient cars whether they want to or not, and trucks (especially big ones) will get pretty scarce. Great call from Mark saying he did not like the idea at all. “It’s our money, we should (meaning the market should) decide what to build not the government.” Right or wrong that is what markets do”…Clif added that it is also the governments responsibility to provide for the greater good and he felt that not shipping 800 billion a year to countries that hate us might be a “greater good”.  Talked about the FTC filing suits on the hated “Your warranty has expired” robo-callers that scare everyone to death with telephone calls. Clif and Glenn took credit for motivating the FTC into forging ahead with the suits. “Its pretty clear that the FTC listens to Four Corners Car talk”. Stayed tuned and check out if you are looking for a car.

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One Response to “May 21st, 2009 Show”

  1. Don Says:

    Yesterday I traded my “clunker” car. Drove it very carefully for 16 years, got over 27 miles per gallon even though it was rated at 15 average. I got $8500.
    I think it is so stupid, but for $8500 I had to take advantage of the program.
    Now I hope that someone discovers a way to make such cars get better mileage than the car I bought.

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