May 28th, 2009 Show

Sleepy show today, talked about Cash for clunkers, Obamas new fuel economy standards, the fact the the FTC is cracking down on Robo-warranty calls (which really tick me off; don’t buy warranties from people who cannot fix cars!). Had a great call from a customer who was wondering when to trade his car (we recommend 50k, or 80k (because that is when the banks will no longer finance the car) or just drive it till the wheels fall off). Clif commented that he enjoyed the “Greatest Spectacle in racing” with Danica Patrick taking third and the always dominant Penske Team winning the race (how may years in a row?).

Note to Danica; quit doing Big daddy advertising it’s degrading and borderline stupid…

If you are interested in the car Glenn was talking about (air compression driven) check out . Thanks for listening, you can always get a hold of us via .


Hour 1






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