June 6th, 2009 Show

Interesting show today, discussed the effects of the GM bankruptcy and the difficulty that “Government Motors” will have going forward. The difficulty will be reconciling the needs of our politicians with those of a corporation. Corporations can only survive if they “build a better mousetrap” whereas politicians only survive if they give something to somebody. Those two ideas are at cross purposes.

 Glenn discussed the value of a Lindsey Lohan trade. It seems that if you are a teenager with a drug problem that you actually add to the value of a used car. Glen estimates you would pay $92,000 less for a comparable 2007 Maserati quattroporte that was not owned (and probably wrecked) by Lindsey Lohan. Carfax to follow.

 Should you collect a Pontiac now that the franchise is set to go away? Clif and Glenn discussed the relative merits and demerits of trying to determine whether a car should be “collected” and whether anyone could wait 40 years to find out if the car was the right one to collect… thanks for listening and as always if you are looking for a car give us a try at www.horacenissan.com

Hour 1

Download: https://4cornerscartalk.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/4cct-06-04-09-01.mp3

Hour 2

Download: https://4cornerscartalk.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/4cct-06-04-09-02.mp3


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