June 11th, 2009 Show

We are not a political show, we are a car show, politics got into our business; we did not get into politician’s business. This is a very historic time occurring in the automobile business with the government supervising manufactures bankruptcies and literally stimulating the automobile market with the new “cash for clunkers” program. So we end up talking politics and the inevitable unintended consequences that come with quickly thought out legislation written by politicians who do not understand a very complicated business. Once we covered the DC crazies (comics?) we offered some lame opinions on what Lindsey Lohans macerated Maserati might be bring on the eBay sale. Clif discussed the fact that a 1970 dodge Challenger non numbered car used in the movie the “Bucket List” brought $10,000 more than a matching number car brought at the same sale. Same old story we guess, the car with a good (honest) story will always sell for more than one that doesn’t…

Horace Nissan is looking for a shuttle driver/shipping receiving clerk and a sales representative, if you are interested in either position please call Josh or Glenn for an interview.

Call us or send an email via www.horacenissan.com if you are curious about the government program “Cash for clunkers”. We have tried to keep up with this ever changing piece of legislation and are more than willing to review your auto needs to see if it is something you can take advantage of. Call Glenn or Eddie at 505-327-0366. Last item was a different Father Day gift; a miniature dash board to hold your business cards. Check it out at www.genuinehotrod.com or 800-575-1932. Thanks for listening and enjoy the day!

Hour 1

Download: https://4cornerscartalk.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/4cct-06-11-09-01.mp3


Hour 2

Download: https://4cornerscartalk.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/4cct-06-11-09-02.mp3


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