July 18th, 2009 Show

Good Morning Four Corners! Lindsey Lohan’s car is no longer for sale on eBay. So now her car is missing along with $400,000 necklace she was wearing at a photo shoot. Clif read an obituary on the turn signal use, funny article from Patrick Bedard Car and Driver editor. Glenn speculated about a GM plant in the south that was bought by a company named V Auto…. Promising to build an all new car in 18 months, Glenn thought it might be Tesla the electric car manufacture. Clif was thinking it might be a large part supplier company like Magna (who lost the bid for Chrysler to Cerebus). We’ll follow the story for you.


Are you really bored? Absolutely nothing to do. Check out the Nifty Thrifty 1960 all compact car show to held in Cleveland August 14-15. The most boring cars in the last fifty years will be on display Comets, Falcons, Corvairs and Valiants will all be there, check it out at www.cometeastcarclub.org . Correction: Clifton misspoke saying he had looked up a lease on a swap lease site. He did not, he was reading about a swap lease site in an article published in Car and Driver. The swap lease sites are www.leasetrader.com and www.swaplease.com. Four corners car talk does not recommend this way to lease a car. It clearly violates the original lease contract and does not absolve the original lease from liability for miles and damage. Proceed with caution.


Cash for Clunkers ate up the last hour of the show. Is it confusing? Yes. Is it unfunded? Yes. Is it from the government? Yes… What did you expect….? Enjoy the day and thanks for listening and if you have any question you can always contact us via www.horacenissan.com .

Hour 1

Download: https://4cornerscartalk.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/4cct-06-18-09-01.mp3

Hour 2

Download: https://4cornerscartalk.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/4cct-06-18-09-02.mp3


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