July 25th, 2009 Show

Cash for Clunkers not cash for Junkers (the car has to be running). The Obama administration has signed the new bill into law and there is already confusion over the language (at least with your hosts). Clif cannot understand how the classes of the vehicles will work out. It appears that congress does not know the difference between gross vehicle weight and vehicle weight, so the law is unclear how they define the various trucks. GVW is the amount of weight a vehicle can carry including itself i.e. a 10,000 GVW truck will carry 4,000 pounds of cargo if it weights 6,000 pounds. If you would like to be even more confused than check out theses websites www.cars.gov or www.fueleconomy.gov.


Also of note are the soon to be common stories of GM being interfered with by Politicians. It appears that Barney Franks home constituency was to have a Parts Depot closed. After a short discussion with the new president of GM, a miracle occurred and the PDC was not closed. Welcome to Government motors. Clifton shared a funny story about a guy in England collecting parking fees for 25 years who suddenly goes missing. The Zoo where he was working called the City and says send somebody out to replace him. Turns out the city thought the Zoo was getting the money and the Zoo thought the city was getting the money. Retired somewhere with 7.6 $million dollars (estimated) is a parking attendant that nobody actually know his name.


Last but not least were Glenn’s eight famous automotive flops. The winners were…. (Listen and find out) Thanks for listening and as always, you can contact us at www.horacenissan.com  

Hour 1

Download: https://4cornerscartalk.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/4cct-06-25-09-01.mp3

Hour 2

download: https://4cornerscartalk.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/4cct-06-25-09-02.mp3


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