August 13th 2009 Show

Yea hah, 1.333 Billion spent on C4C programs and some are dealers dropping out of the program because they are having difficulty getting paid by the government (imagine that). Horace Nissan Hyundai will continue regardless. Advise to consumers; “Ask first” if the dealer is participating in the C4C program. It will save you a lot of time and aggravation. for more details. Also discussed was the new 210 MPG Chevrolet VOLT. Sorry folks it won’t get 210 mpg unless you go 80 miles on the batteries and 130 miles on the next gallon of gas (not likely). The EPA and NHTSA have already said that they have not tested the volt. It is just GMs prediction of how the vehicle will do. Everyone is wondering whether they will develop new tests for Electrics and Hybrid cars so the public is not seriously confused (doubt it).

Glenn discussed what is your favorite Pontiac Firebird?   Remember the Barbie Bluebird? for the really strange idea of changing your brand new Camero into a Trans Am… As always thanks for listening and email us via if you have any questions.

Whole Show



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