August 20th 2009 Show

Wow, great show today with Glenn and Clifton going over all the news with the Federal Governments Cash for Clunker program. Dealers are running out of cash and inventory and many are voluntarily stopping the C4C program, not because they are “looking the gift horse in the mouth” but just because they are responsible businessmen who understand that they need cash to pay their employees, pay their taxes (and yours) and make sure the transactions are completed.


Also discussed were the dangers of selling a car yourself. Kruse international, a huge collector car auction company is not paying owners who sold their cars through them. Be careful out there; if you consign a car, do not give them the title. If you sell your car do not give the buyer the title until the check clears and or if they pay cash.  Double check the VIN# with the state of New Mexico to see if there are any hidden liens and make sure the person you are buying the car from is the same person who is on the title. Don’t jump title!


Last thought is the 27th annual Cancer Walk-a-thon September 26th. Check out or call 609-2274 for details. Also a short “God Bless” to Overrightt Trucking for one of the most generous gifts (they gave a brand new car to Sacred Heart Church) we have seen in many years. Thanks for listening and if you want to contact us just got to

Hour 1


Hour 2



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