September 3rd, 2009 Show

Bet you are sick of Cash for Clunker news, now Glenn gets fired up about the statistics the government is putting out about the number one two and three best sellers in the C4C program The short version is that the Toyota Corolla was not first in the real math and the politically incorrect Ford F150 was 5th and the Silverado was 7th. The government was not quite honest in its reporting because everybody would be ticked those nasty pickup truck buyers took advantage of the program. The manufactures remained noticeably silent on this issue.


Clifton pontificated on what would be the greatest Nation Wide Demo Derby in the world. Give every citizen that wanted a C4C car and then have a demo derby in Washington DC. Last one standing would win the prize. Can you imagine 350,000 (assuming only half of the cars would even make it to DC) cars in a going for broke demo derby. At the end everybody  would make sure the motor was trashed and toss the keys to the NHTSA. What a mess! Check out if you want to look at the new Hyundai Sonata. As always thanks for listening and if you have any questions drop us a line or contact us at

Hour 1


Hour 2



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