September 17th, 2009 Show is the place to go for the 27th annual cancer walk-a-thon if you are interested. Also Glenn is promoting Farmington Women’s Club annual fundraiser home show tour; get tickets at Four Corners Community Bank. Glenn and Clifton postulated about the new effect of GM’s buy it back program and whether you should have CEO’s marketing their companies. The new Whitaker guy (head of GM) is trying to mimic Lee Iacocca from the 1970 Chrysler campaign to “if you can find a better car, buy it”. We’ll see if it works. Speaking of working, what is up with El Paso BBQ closing? That is the second time a company is making money in Farmington but has to close because their corporate office is going broke. Sign up fast the rent is about $32,000+. Found another Craig’s list used car story that was worth repeating. Funny story… Also apparently wearing a monkey mask in Phoenix to avoid speeding tickets is not working any more. Thanks for listening we are






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