September 24th, 2009 Show

It’s finally happened; they are starting to hop up hybrids. The Honda insight is being modified by Mugen Motor Sports, check it out. Glenn talked about how Ford is getting around the chicken tax (import tax on trucks) by installing and then removing the seats and rear door on their new Ford Transit. Crazy way to make a living huh. Winter is coming so let’s get out there and start checking over our cars and make sure they are ready. Josh Atencio called in offering a free 100 point check over on any Nissan or Hyundai. 100 points! Clif wanted it to be 27 points so he could save some money but, noooooooo 100 point checkup for free! Management meeting to follow.


Don’t forget the Farmington boys and Girls Club fundraiser this Friday at the Club. BBQ dinner with all the fixings. Come in or take out . As usual thanks for listening check us out at .






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