March 3rd, 2010 show

Had some complaints about Janis Joplin “Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz”, seems that many people find her voice very annoying and are turning to other stations. Well get over it. She is just another Texan who can’t sing (remind you of anybody else?). Glenn and Clifton discussed the 1 million dollar prize that put up to find the error (if there really is one) in Toyotas software (unintended acceleration problem).  The Wisdom of Crowds may be the solution here.  Heck Glenn may even donate his body to science by testing Clif’s theories… If you have ever had a problem with your car listen to Glen and Clif’s thoughts on automotive diagnosis; we know that you did not go through the hassle of bringing in the car if you did not have a problem, but the dealer still has to duplicate it.  If you love HEMI’s check out the “What you can do with a HEMI museum display”, how about a HEMI powered BBQ Grill? . Also check out for some great Chocolates and possible catering opportunities. As always thanks for listening .






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