March 18th, 2010 Show

Great show today, we are only posting the last hour so that pod casters have an easier time. We had the Mayor, Tommy Roberts and John Byrom (DJ Simmons Oil and Gas) describing the “Google Initiative” they are working on here in Farmington. Check out and make a video or at least vote to nominate Farmington. The deal is simple; Google is offering to wire an entire town or “area” with high speed internet for free. We are talking super high speed internet, something that would be 100 to 1000 times faster than what 90% of our community is used to. That kind of universal speed can change an entire community. One local doctor who normally can consult on 100 patients could do 1000 with this kind of speed.

Great Idea Mayor, we are happy to get behind it. The San Juan New Car Dealers Association which consists of Advantage Dodge Chrysler Jeep, Performance Buick GMC Mazda and Mitsui, Webb Chevrolet-Toyota, Hansen Honda, Ziems Ford Corners and your humble host Horace Nissan Hyundai got together and pledged $4,000 dollars to the idea! Let go Farmington! As always thanks for listening




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