April 1st, 2010 Show

  • The world has gone crazy, everybody needs money.
  • This just in… Durango to rename the town for $500,000 and 5 new Dodge Durangos, the new name is Dodge Durango Colorado. City manager said its only five years and they need to money. Is this crazy marketing or what?
  • Not to be out done Hyundai has tendered two offers to both the city of Tucson and the city of Santa Fe for over One Million dollars each!!! Tucson accepted and will now be known as Hyundai Tucson Arizona. They interviewed the Mayor of Santa Fe, Mayor Coss said given the depth of the current economic recession he will really consider it. He also asked what the city of Durango got for adding Dodge to their name…
  • Malibu California says no way, they will not add Chevrolet to there name. City counselor Fulla ownstuff said they might consider Porches or Infiniti if the price was right.
  • Just got a call over the break that Lybrook will change there name to anything for $500 bucks and a case of Dos Equis beer. Hmmmm…. I was thinking maybe Ford Probe New Mexico?
  • Ah! Check this out Tacoma Washington welcomes Toyota to the bidding process. Mayor says we need to accelerate the economy and nobody knows how to do that better than Toyota; he says we’ll take any kind of acceleration around here. Unintended or not.
  • Reporters just checked with Aspen to see if they would consider adding Chrysler to there name… City officials said no way; they might have considered Chrysler but are worried that Fiat might take over the and something about the ring of a FIAT Aspen just didn’t sound good. Along the same lines Yukon Alaska and Tahoe California had no comment. And Savannah (as in GMC Savannah mini van) had not heard of the fund raising technique but were worried about being cancelled.
  • That’s it its for real Santa Fe just accepted Hyundai’s offer and will rename the city Hyundai Santa Fe. Mayor Cross refused to go any further by adding AWD (for all wheel drive) to the City stationary…

APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Download: https://4cornerscartalk.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/4cct-040110-hr-1.mp3


Download: https://4cornerscartalk.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/4cct-040110-hr-2.mp3


2 Responses to “April 1st, 2010 Show”

  1. Rick Nelson Says:

    You got me, I did not hear the end

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