May 12th & 13th Show

Did you ever wonder why cars cost so much? Well an attorney found out dirt plugs up the drains on Volkswagen beetles. For that difficult piece of work the attorneys’ will receive 30 million in fees. We are in the wrong business.

The Off Roaders Prayer (by Brian Moake)

Our Father

Which art in Moab

Four Wheeling be thy name

To thy trails we come

Thy maintenance be done

In Garage,

As it is on the trail.

Give us this day our daily drive

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those that trespass on us,

And lead us not unto illegal closures

But deliver us from Sierra Clubbers

For thine is clearance,

The articulation,

And the traction forever, Amen

Sorry for the rumors about the Hyundai/Chrysler hookup, Glenn was all wrong, we got a letter from Hyundai Motor telling Glenn to cease and desist… Hey thanks for listening, if we can ever be of help contact us via  anytime…

Wednesday Show


Thursday Show



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