May 26th and 27th Show

Sorry no recording this week; you see a certain engineer at  a certain radio station did not record the show.  Soooo the OHV guys show is lost into the ether forever, and even our efforts are not to be found .  Glenn had a couple of websites you can check out that i will post when i have time. as for me i don’t feel so hot and i ma going home…


2 Responses to “May 26th and 27th Show”

  1. Darryl D. Says:

    Sorry it didn’t record…dang. But if you send me your email address, I’ll send you an email copy of the brochure for the OHV Day at The Dunes. Perhaps we can do a recap on June 9th. Let me know. Maybe no recording means we need a redo..

    • Four Corners Car Talk Says:

      Recap on the ninth is fine… I’ll put you in for at least fifteen minutes, wanted/needed to do one anyway, sorry about your fifteen minutes of fame, well make sure he records it on the ninth or thenth….

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