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February 26th, 2011 Show

February 26, 2011

                                   Well, well, well GM is going to enter into the subprime leasing business in order to sell  more cars. Noting like a government owned company promoting subprime financing  right after the “big recession” that was caused by subprime financing… Only in America.

Clifton and Glenn discuss all the cars that come without spares, Ralf Laurens XK Jaguar collection, Ferrari and the FBI  Clifton expounds on the mathematics of how many clowns you can fit into various cars assuming your ACS is less than 3 cubic feet. Glenn expounds on BEERRUN’s  in Texas, something we believe he is an expert on .  As always thanks for listening and check us out at




February 19th, 2011 Show

February 19, 2011

Fun show today, Clifton Horace and Glenn Gent discussed the role of unions in today’s automotive market place. Can a union move from the confrontational attitude of the 50-60-70’s to the “lets build the best car we can attitude” of the 21st century by picketing dealerships? Also a little history lesson from a man who grew up across from the Rouge steel plant in Detroit and worked briefly for Cadillac. Stay tuned we’ll see. Should the Army sponsor race cars? We think so. Glenn ways in on the new Mexico sports car the Mastretta, Comments on the EPA and PNM controversy, Honda vs. Godzilla, I-keys killing people (who leave their motor running) and what was happening in 1973. As usuall thanks for listening and if you want to contact us check out



February 12th, 2011 Show

February 12, 2011

There are no ghosts in the code. NASA recently announced that there are no ghosts in the code regarding Toyota’s unintended acceleration issues. Clif and Glenn explorer both the reality and psychology of fear regarding unintended acceleration. Internet scams abound, listen for some tips on how not to get ripped off. Also the BBB warns of a ruthless scam involving Canadian callers claiming to be helping grandchildren that were innocently jailed and need bail money to get back home.  Two local women have been hit for over $9,000 each… Don’t get taken!  Ford sues Ferrari; convinced that you might confuse the Ferrari F150 with the Ford F-150 Pickup. Our take is that most truck owners would notice immediately the lack of a tow hitch and four wheel drive. As always thanks for listening you can reach us at

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