March 26th, 2011 Show

Who needs hybrids? Are prices going to jump up with the problems in Japan? Should you buy now? Will Ford be able to make black cars and trucks? Glenn and Clifton struggle through the show with a new producer who is not very good (Clif). There are actually apps to help you land a plan now. Check out Glens next 32,000 pound hunting wagon at×6-mongolian-expedition-vehicle/#3997825. CARS 2 the movie built actual cars for its promotion. Do you really need a hybrid when you can choose from some really cool 40mpg cars like the Fiesta and the Elantra? Wonder what ever happened to you old car? Want to stalk it? Check out Can you say Camaro in Chinese? Try Ke Mei Luo…Car recycling and gulf oil under your butt with GM’s new recycling program. Have fun and Happy Cinco de Mayo.




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