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April 30, 2011 Show

April 30, 2011

Very interesting show with Bob Culp New Mexico State Parks, Clifton and Glenn diving into the Zebra and Quake Mussel problem that Navajo Lake could encounter. Let’s pay attention out there and don’t put your boat into unless you have had it inspected. It only takes one idiot to take out Navajo and then Powel! Celebrating your 100 birthday? A NASCAR track back east let granny drive her car on the track to celebrate her birthday (she never made it over 53 mph). Clifton discussed all the good the Planter’s Nut-mobile has been doing out there and when the oldest and first SUV was built (1909 FWD). Problems with your car? Just imagine what it was like to be in this formula 1 car when both front wheels came off at the same time  As always thanks for listening and eat at Jimmies “Spare Rib” BBQ and check out

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April 23, 2011 Show

April 23, 2011

Aquatic hitchhikers, the history of hybrids, GM, Ford the stock market and the price of gas were all discussed in today’s show. In 1923 Chevrolet built its 1 millionth car, a Dusenberg paced the Indianapolis 500 and a little guy by the name of John Hertz started “Hertz Drive Ur Self” the predecessor to Hertz rent a car. Clif and Glen discuss a kit that will take turn your wrangle into Scrambler (JK8)   Clif and Glenn dissect the “JICKIEST” ad of the week a $50 coupon for free gas. As always thanks for listening and feel free to contact us at 505-327-0366 or



April 16th, 2011 Show

April 16, 2011

Fun show today, got stumped by a listener with a 2004 Cummins Diesel that lost its mileage when the injectors were replaced. Talked about torque steer and how the new technology will correct this by driving your car for you…. Peter Yates passed away the creator of “The Saint”, “Secret agent Man” and the famous Bullitt Chase scenes. Steve our lead technician saved our bacon and saved our customer $250 on replacing the wax pellet on an older Nissan Exterra. Mr. Albuquerque won the ROC race in Europe. The 110’ high Hot Wheels stunt will be performed at the Indy 500 Memorial Day weekend check it out at   A volt had a thermal event over the weekend, turbo chargers speak French and John Elway is making a comeback in Denver. As always stay tuned and thanks for listening



April 2nd, 2011 Show

April 2, 2011

You have cars then you have virtual cars, then you have a bunch of virtual idiots who will pay $75 for a virtual car… Check out face books newest game “Cars”. Clifton is thinking about opening a dealership in Libya to sell Hyundai’s to Kaddafi’s troops. Seems their tanks take a pounding from NATO and they are much safer driving Elantra’s and Toyota HiLux Pickups. Looking to dress up you car check out The Ford Panther chassis is going away which means law enforcement will never be the same. Check out a Crown Vic in Hells Canyon Utah. Did Ed Burton say yes? Will there be a sequel? Inquiring minds want to know. Having trouble with your parents? Don’t try this at home As always thanks for listening and check out for your next KIA…