April 30, 2011 Show

Very interesting show with Bob Culp New Mexico State Parks, Clifton and Glenn diving into the Zebra and Quake Mussel problem that Navajo Lake could encounter. Let’s pay attention out there and don’t put your boat into unless you have had it inspected. It only takes one idiot to take out Navajo and then Powel! Celebrating your 100 birthday? A NASCAR track back east let granny drive her car on the track to celebrate her birthday (she never made it over 53 mph). Clifton discussed all the good the Planter’s Nut-mobile has been doing out there and when the oldest and first SUV was built (1909 FWD). Problems with your car? Just imagine what it was like to be in this formula 1 car when both front wheels came off at the same time http://www.autoblog.com/2011/04/28/forces-at-play-in-formula-one-enough-to-destroy-wheels/#continued.  As always thanks for listening and eat at Jimmies “Spare Rib” BBQ and check out www.horacenissan.com

Sorry, no recording to download this week. Call Glenn for a complete excuse. 505-327-0366


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