May 27, 2011 Show

What is it with these turbo chargers anyway? Why not just regular old high compression engines from the 60’s? Well that’s exactly where Ford is going; starting with non other than the old ‘Iron Duke” block and then “changing everything. We thought it was just the Chinese that will rip you off; the Indian company of Mahindra is running a close second, witness the full page article in Automotive News from some very upset Dealers/Investors. Glen finds the new diagnostic seat from Ford to be a little disconcerting.

The Indianapolis 500 “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” was the later part of todays show. The 15 innovations that came out of racing, the history, and the stories behind the race were fun given the 100 year anniversary and upcoming race tomorrow. As for us, you can always find us at Thanks for listening.




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