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June 25th 2011, Show

June 25, 2011

How is it the government is adding yet another incentive/mandate to increase fuel mileage (62 mpg Corporate average fuel economy) that will add $3000 to $11,000 per car (and will save between 5 and $8000 in fuel) when they can’t even cancel a thirty year ethanol incentive program that even Al Gore agrees is a waste of money… No pickups in Coral Gables Florida? Heck in New Mexico a good looking pickup actually adds to property values. Nothing like a $50,000 parked in front of a $10,000 trailer to really spruce up the neighborhood. Other things discussed include Steve McQueen’s porsche 911S is for sale, Bob Lutz wrote a new book dissing GM, 41% of Ford truck buyers opted for the turbo six and the extra $1000 it costs. What Glenn was looking at during half the show  The Green Hornet movie was a waste of time, Cars 2 will see us both (with the grandkids as cover) next week and the dam Quagga muscles got into Fort Sumner’s reservoir… as always thanks for listening and check out

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June 11th, 2011 Show

June 11, 2011

So, you want to be a soap box derby hero? Listen to the last hour of today’s show with our live on the scene race reporter Cory Darrell bringing you the latest with the Farmington Boys and Girls soap box Derby race on Lock Street. Don’t buy a VW Passat until 2012 cause da price is going down big time, almost $7,000! Check out Glenn’s Hoover craft motorcycle at If you only have one life to live this would be the way to go. Check out the car that Indy would not let race but is supposed to go to Lemans… Last but not least is Glenn 1939 Plexiglas car As always thanks for listening you can always find us at



June 4th, 2011 show

June 4, 2011

Great show today, did a lot of myth busting regarding the oil refining business. Chad King was good enough to provide us with some of his time and expertise with regards to the oil refining business. Chad, a chemical engineer ran the Bloomfield refinery for 30+ years. So why is diesel more expensive than gas…? Listen to the last hour to find out. Other topics covered are politically incorrect 1970 car ads, Saudi princes worried about western countries loosing their addiction to oil. Do you want to win a dang near brand new 1987 Mercedes? Buy a raffle ticket from Mrs. Saltzman before Dr. Saltzman discovers it’s missing. Also covered were GM idiocies and Government complacencies…

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