June 4th, 2011 show

Great show today, did a lot of myth busting regarding the oil refining business. Chad King was good enough to provide us with some of his time and expertise with regards to the oil refining business. Chad, a chemical engineer ran the Bloomfield refinery for 30+ years. So why is diesel more expensive than gas…? Listen to the last hour to find out. Other topics covered are politically incorrect 1970 car ads, Saudi princes worried about western countries loosing their addiction to oil. Do you want to win a dang near brand new 1987 Mercedes? Buy a raffle ticket from Mrs. Saltzman before Dr. Saltzman discovers it’s missing. Also covered were GM idiocies and Government complacencies…

As always thanks for listening. www.horacenissan.com.


Download: https://4cornerscartalk.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/4cct-06-04-11.mp3


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