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July 30th, 2011 Show

July 30, 2011

What was once a huge battle between every manufacture, every government agency and every politician magically turned into a love fest this weekend with Obama posing for the cameras signing a CAFÉ bill of 56 mpg…? Can you say rebate?

Nice visit with Dorothy and Dr. Peter Saltzman who are giving away their very own 1987 Mercedes E420 for a very worthy cause. Raise some money and do something good, buy a ticket ($25) and take a chance. Only 1000 tickets being sold.

Energy policies were discussed and guess what? Diesel fuel is still one of the best answers. If it’s so great why do we tax diesel 5 cents more per gallon than gas? Because they are the government that’s why.

The show basically went down hill from there with some off color humor, 100 Chevy songs, and mild technical difficulties… anyway thanks for listening.




July 23, 2011 Show

July 23, 2011

Car Guys vs. Bean Counters is Bob Lutz’s new book, guess I’ll have to read it so I can explain it to Glenn.  Looking for a fun gift for your NASCAR fan? Look to and don’t forget to “not eat the fruit”. Do you suppose Helton (NASCAR boss) will tell Danica not to hit anyone if she comes to NASCAR? Guess it worked on  Harvick who was told not to even touch Kyle Busch for awhile or he would be “parked”…  Groupon is a great place to find service deals (coming to Horace Nissan soon) and Glenn thinks you should check out If you really want to see some horsepower, also referred to in the show is TATA’s world’s smallest house. As always thanks for listening



July 16th, 2011 Show

July 16, 2011

Let’s see, technical difficulties, missing personal, poor telephone lines. Sounds just like another day in the radio business. Cory and Clif still managed to pull off a show discussing whether a $42,000 volt is a good idea for a car, texting while driving really needs another law to force people to do what should be obvious. Seven cars line up and the Hyundai Elantra wins, new Chevy squad cars are sold to the public (for a little while) and the ten most disappointing cars are reviewed ad-nauseam. Kit cars are built (or not built), a lucky dog buys the 100,000 VW Beatle ever built (in CA no less), NASCAR wants you to eat a plant based diet and last but not least we now know why Jimmie Johnson wins so many championships… as always thanks for listening and check out for the best deals in the four corners…

ps sorry about the audio this week