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August 13th , 2011 Show

August 13, 2011

Car MD, Libya owns 2% of Chrysler, and VW’s new “Squash Bug” were all topics of the show today. Glenn talked about 1964 Lincolns for sale, Jerome Blocks escapades as a public servant and regulator and why you should check the price of a new car before you buy a used car. Ever wanted to race “Big Daddy” Don Garlits? Well you just might catch him cause he is running a hemi Challenger every once in a while at some local drag strips. He has slowed down a little (to 135 mph) but still going strong at 80… last but not least is the finer points of Newell motor homes. If you have a million five check em out… as always thanks for listening




August 6th, 2011 Show

August 6, 2011


Well let me see, we had a little de JA vue of NM politics with Jerome Block eligibly stealing gas from the state. This because he apparently cannot afford gas with his $90,000 salary… Can electric cars have ED? Check out the new Smart ED and the test driver’s review. GM makes a movie in China and 80 Million are required to attend…Honda takes a beating in a leading Consumer Magazine and Jeep goes for it with a Mil Spec Wrangler . Should this man even be allowed to own a McLaren?

As always thanks for listening.