September 2nd, 2011 Show

Can’t wait to wreck a Ferrari, on the way to rehab. Not to be outdone by Mr. Beans (who also wrecked his Ferrari) Justin Bieber also wrecked his Ferrari but probably got into more trouble with his mom than the police. GM comes up with a sorry excuse for the new “Blues mobile” with a modified Cruze. RX8’s, Mitsubishi Eclipse and possibly all of Saab are heading for the big Junk yard in the sky. None other than Don Milavec our very own Hyundai Representative stopped by and very diplomatically explained the duties and responsibilities of his position, not to mention the miles driven each year. Last but not least; maybe Bubba can figure it out. Ford is selling 55% V6’s in this years F150 sales numbers… there isn’t any replacement for displacement: or is there…? As always thanks for listening




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