October 1st, 2011 Show

Nissan is working on technology that will control your car and its accessories by just thinking about it. Imagine a car that would anticipate your next left turn and then make it for your. Clif and Glenn speculate that gender specific issues will probably defeat the technology. For instance, if a teenage male thinks about sex 65% of every waking moment we are going to have some very Horney cars wandering around. Also discussed; Jeep pickups in four years, algae in Las Crusas, how (when and why) Ray Kroch invented the drive up window, getting “pinked”, setting the parking brake and this weeks winner of the “can’t wait to wreck a Ferrari on the way to rehab” none other than Al Unser Jr..  Google University of Michigan’s Wave Disk internal combustion engine for something really neat and interesting to look at. As always thanks for listening. www.horacehyundai.com


Download: https://4cornerscartalk.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/4cct-10-01-11.mp3


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