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December 17th, 2011 Show

December 17, 2011

Should the NTSB ban all cell phone and electronic devise use (whether hands free or not) while driving? Clif and Glenn weight in on the subject with some very interesting audio from the National Safety Council. This week’s “can’t wait to wreck a Ferrari” was a little sad with a young technician being paralyzed while road testing a Ferrari; we tell you how we handle it. $80,000 BMW’s that blow 7 tires in 8700 miles and it does not even make the front page of Auto week… Amazing… And finally should Brother Brent buy the cat-back high performance back exhaust for his Ford? Absolutely! There is no such thing as too much horsepower… As always thanks for listening we be taking Christmas Eve off so well see next year…
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December 10th, 2011 Show

December 10, 2011

Is Rush Wrong on the Volt? Is that even possible? Stay tuned for the end of the show. Took a good call from a local artisan making cars in Cortez. Video on car being discussed is

As usual someone has supplied us with an opportunity to play our favorite song “Can’t wait to wreck a Ferrari” only this time it was EIGHT Ferrari’s along with some less notable Mercs that were wrecked in Japan. Motor Trend does the million dollar highway (550) in the dark, on ice, in a storm, in a Lotus. If they could have seen where they were they would have got out and walked…

GM stock, Ford Stock and dividends were also discussed if you want to throw some hard earned money away. And finally Glen consul’s “Brother Brent” on the legalities of using train horns on pickup trucks, as usual Brother Brent does whatever the hell he wants… thanks for listening.



December 3rd, 2011 Show

December 3, 2011

Fun show today with plenty of opportunities to make fun of Jay Lo, General Motors Volts and the Chinese method of driving. Darren Woodson our local Veterinarian weights in on the danger of antifreeze to you pets. Own a Ferrari for $665 per month if you dare Need a Christmas gift for that car guy, how about an RC car that will do 100mph? Horrible accident at Lemans in 1955 car for sale…. And finally why is the UAW picketing a private business that bought a product from another business that bought a part from another business that wrongfully fired an employee that was subsequently forced to rehire that employee 7,000 miles away? Truth is stranger than fiction my mom always said… as always thanks for listening.