April 28th, 2012 show

Apologies if you missed the first part of the show, streaming was not working early on. Clif and Glenn discussed the problems with tricycles, Big wheels, bat mobiles and delta wing race cars. Dade county Florida makes it a little tough to argue for higher taxes when they loose 290 Toyota Prius’s for FOUR YEARS!!! Is NASCAR boring when there are no wrecks? Is a Saab 9-4X going to be a collector car? Did a Jewish engineer really invent the Volkswagen and how the heck do you unlock the rear doors of a 2001 Ford Focus. Listen up folks and you will learn all the answers and more. As always, thanks for listening and check out http://www.horacenissan.com for your next new Hyundai or Nissan.
Download: https://4cornerscartalk.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/4cct-04-28-12.mp3


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