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January 19th, 2013 Show

January 19, 2013

Mazda Romeo’s? A 13 year old takes a road trip and is tracked to another country all because Daddy took away his cell phone (what will he take away next). Dodge comes up with a web site that allows you to “register” for a Dodge Dart. Clif and Glenn respond by coming up with their own “Mooch-a-car” website; fortune to follow… Dodge wins the chase just as they quit NASCAR, some moron invents a Steering wheel desk, and Clif and Glenn come up with their own EV noises…. As always thanks for listening and check out for your next new or used car.


January 12th, 2013 Show

January 12, 2013

“Enlightenment” was the order of the day with Clifton and Glenn discussing man’s decision making processes and his rights to do so with a professor of philosophy Dr. David Bramhall from San Juan College. Add in ten gismo’s you can do without, Mitsubishi’s slide to the bottom, Paris Dakar and whether you should change your oil every 12,000 mile (DON”T) were all discussed on the show today. As Always thanks for listening and check out for you next used car…

January 4th, 2013 Show

January 5, 2013

Its a new year and Clifton and Glenn are hard at it talking about $400,000 dollar utility bills, sport trucks (no El Camino is not a sport truck), EV plug ins, 15,000 damaged super storm Sandy cars to be sold at auction, Pikes peak hill climb, Nascar Tax breaks, red tires and a french movie “rendezvous” that Glenn is going to buy (guy is going soft). Hear it all on this weeks show. as always thanks for listening and check out