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June 29, 2013 Show

June 29, 2013

It’s good to be back with Glenn and Cory on the radio. Today’s show talked about V6 diesels in a Dodge pickup (whoops, RAM), Jeeps that float, tote and ski, 73mpg VW’s and Pikes Peak in a Minivan. If it won’t sell, sell it with sex (FIAT Ads), three wheel Morgan’s are breaking sales records and come September the James Bond underwater Lotus with be up for sale. As always thanks for listening and check out for the latest in new and used car deals. Oh yeah and just google panther jeep water car and you’ll find the video we were talking about.


June 8th, 2013 Show

June 8, 2013

Miata wins a drag race? really? check this out
After that Clif and Glenn discuss National Highway fatalities, Chrysler’s tugging on Superman’s Cape, stupid signs, and a horrible accident involving 600 gallons of Scotch. Through in a Fathers day gift idea, selling cars on airplanes and a new roadkill YouTube website and you round out a pretty fun show. As always thanks for listening and check out for the best deals on new and used cars.

June 1st, 2013 Show

June 1, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Arnold family; we will miss Mike too. Clif and Glenn then weighed in on Sergio’s custom Viper (who paid for that?), Justin biebers driving habits, stolen NASCAR Trucks and how much is 3 minutes with the president worth (about $30,000). FIAT needs 10b to shore up its balance sheet and wants to mortgage Chrysler, and EV’s are going for $250 per month… Hot town in the old town tonight. Listen all the way to end for the stupid is as stupid does segment… You will laugh. As always thanks for listening and check out