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July 27th, 2013 Show

July 27, 2013

Fun show today although we missed taping the first half hour (that’s ok it was just Glenn telling us all he was going to talk about). Anyhow Clifton and Glenn dove into the deep end of the pool and discussed an ad from True Car that deals with single women buyers. Clif’s advise “if you do not feel comfortable at the dealership you are dealing with, get up and leave!” Other topics included hand built Nissan Engines, shotgun wedding cars in Florida, Ram’s new $2850 diesel option, DARPA’s car hacking hijinks, stupid is a vice grip steering wheel and NBC and next years NASCAR… As always thanks for listening and check out this link for you next new car…


July, 7th 2013 Show

July 6, 2013

Loose loads in an Explorer leave a man and his Dog painting the town all sorts of colors. NHTSA tests semi truck beds for crash ability Click here , the pres wants a new Cadillac and Glenn swears there is a new Mazda non hybrid, hybrid… Girlie men rejoice in the new VW golf pickup, a hybrid with no electric motor is explored in France, Alternative fuel comes again to the Four corners on July 16th at the LaPlata County Fleet management building in Durango and Glenn is buying a goat herd to retire on. As always thanks for listening and check out for the best deals on new and used cars.