December 14th, 2013 Show

It’s not our fault, all our button were pressed, and the “Talent” was actually ready to go, it was the guys down at the main station that left the station dark. Call them and let us know what they said. So the mighty GM may have woken up, in the last month they have closed down Australia, sell their share of Peugeot, sell their share of Allay and hire the first women CEO in-car business history. That is not the old GM we know… Clif ponders working for Airbus as they learn the hard way that leasing your way out of problem will come back and bite you…Finally Clif and Glenn mourn the loss of Paul Walker of Fast and Furious. A real car guy, we are going to miss you. As always thanks for listening and check out Horace Nissan for your next new or used car.


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