February 1st, 2014 Show

Hopefully the audio is better from this show than the last. We just upgraded recorders and are looking forward to a better less hissy file. Well, Ford builds a beer can but calls it “military grade”, GM’s Heritage Museum is as much for our entertainment as it is for their own designers, and Diners dives and drive-ins star gets his Lambo back. Clifton shares a little about what is going with Four Corners Economic Development, the power plants, Unmanned Ariel Systems and CNG gas stations that are coming to town. Bob Dylans in the superbowl, Telsa makes a coast to coast run, Saleen makes one go faster and the last VW bus rolls off the line in Brazil. As always thanks for listening and check out our website for you next new or used vehicle.
Download: https://4cornerscartalk.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/4cct-02-01-14-new-recorder.mp3


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