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April 25th, 2015 Show

April 25, 2015

With a full crew today the show went a lot smoother. Clif and Glenn discussed Muammar’s 500. bicycling in Colorado, best american road trip and Scottish dogs. Add in Mercedes Benz pickups, Bently SUV’s, street racing, ram axles and GMC motorhomes. As always thanks for listening and check out our websites for the nicest cars and trucks in the four corners.


April 18th, 2015 Show

April 18, 2015

Well the goof running the board needed to do a better job but other than that Clifton and Glenn discussed the best-selling car by state, driving experience, teenager’s cars, Nissan and self driving Hyundai’s. Toledo Jeeps, Navistar pickups, Beijing police and 40 below oil rounded out the show. As always thanks for listening and check our Horace Nissan for the best deals in the four corners.

April 11th, 2015 Show

April 11, 2015

Got a little wound up today with a rant about the power plant deal, Buick finally designs something other than a Hoover vacuum, and the Moab Jeep concepts are too cool for school. Brand new 1964 Mustangs, Honda says goodby to the Crosstour and some wingnut wants us all to drive to Russia. Malia learns in a Yukon, Dinero to be Enzo and Juan Pablo is finally back in the saddle. As always thanks for listening and check out our website for the best deals int he four corners.

April 4th, 2015 Show

April 4, 2015

Sorry about the delay today, turns out the power surge we had yesterday took out a fiber-optic connection but Brody the smartest guy in the store figured it out in 29 minutes. Other than that the boys discussed Hellcat waits, fancy public transportation, 34 speakers and teenage drivers. Tesla’s secret, slow selling cars and general boring conversation rounded out the show today. As always thanks for listening and if you have time rate the show at