November 12th, 2009 Show

Keys to the Kingdom? Clifton and Glenn think they have the solution for the four corners. It’s a win win win win and will do more for the four corners than you can imagine. It’s a bio-diesel plant making diesel from algae!  Think about it…

Cleans up green house gas from powerplants          (free)

Uses waste water treatment sludge for food             (free)                           

Uses brackish water from gas wells                               (free)

Utilize heat from Morgan lake                                         (free)

Utilize Bloomfield refinery                                                (cheap)

Utilize Western refining distribution                            (cheap)

Utilizes local expertise                                                        (good)

Produces diesel                                                                       (good)

Produces oxygen                                                                    (good)

Shoot, can’t beat that can you? Also if you know how to program a 2001 Dodge Caravan leave a note on this blog. Thanks for listening






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